Graphic Communication

We simplify communication through visual elements for immediate understanding, such as images, graphics, and symbols, instead of extensive text. We use graphic design, advertising, and data presentation to capture the viewer's attention and communicate messages quickly and clearly. Examples: infographics, logos, icons, and signage.

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+57 314-516-1195

Graphic Design

At Alpha Group, we use graphic design to create attractive and effective visual elements in various media, such as advertisements, logos, websites, brochures, publications, posters, and more. The main purpose is to communicate messages in a visually appealing and clear way, promoting products, services, ideas, or information. We apply graphic design in marketing, branding, editorial design, web design, and many other areas to improve communication and visual presentation.

Editorial Service

In the editorial service of graphic communication, we focus on creating and designing printed and digital publications, such as books and magazines, including tasks such as text layout, style correction, font selection, images, layout, and preparation for printing. The goal is to achieve an attractive and readable presentation of the content.

Digital Printing

We use our digital printing service in graphic design to produce prints quickly and efficiently. We apply it to the printing of graphic pieces such as brochures, labels, promotional material, and personalized publications, among others, offering flexibility and the ability to produce small and personalized print runs.

Offset Printing

Characterized by its use to produce high-quality printed materials in large quantities, such as books, magazines, advertising material, packaging, marketing material, and more, maintaining consistent quality in large quantities.

Promotional Items

We believe that the best way to create bonds and memorable brand experiences at events is through souvenirs: gifts to give to others. We have a variety of designs, ranging from home decor to practical everyday objects.